Premier Cat Boarding Haven

We understand cats have a different set of needs than dogs. Our luxury cat accommodations provide a carefully-designed environment to make your precious kitty feel secure, relaxed, and happy while away from home.

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Premier Cat Boarding Haven

Nothing but the best for your favorite feline.  

We’re the Cat’s Pajamas in Cat Boarding

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Cats Love Us, and We Love Cats

Our cat boarding suites are bright, private, and multi-level with adjoining litter rooms for extra sanitation. Here are the ways we pamper your cat at Finger Lakes Pet Resort:

  • Cats are lodged separated from our canine friends
  • Built-in perches for resting and playing
  • Dedicated ventilation and climate-control systems
  • Fluffy bedding and hammocks for happy cat naps
  • Plenty of toys!
  • Frequent room service keeps rooms clean and water always-fresh
  • Cat-loving caregivers provide individualized care
  • Soothing music relaxes pets
  • We even have feline activities to keep your cat entertained

Feline Fun

Just like dogs, cats benefit from mental & physical engagement when away from home. Our glass-front cattery gives outgoing cats a safe view of the daily activity in our facility. Meanwhile, our quieter feline guests enjoy a peaceful place to lounge and play on the lower levels.

What does your cat do for fun? We’ll provide:

  • Personal attention in your cat’s private suite
  • Active playtime with favorite toys
  • Open roaming in the cattery
  • Tasty snacks and seasonal treats prepared in our facility
  • Favorite treats brought from home
  • Love and attention for human-loving cats
  • Exactly the right amount of stimulation for your cat
  • Relaxation with soft music and insulation from the sounds of dogs

A Step Above the Rest

Finger Lakes Pet Resort was designed for happy and healthy pets. Veterinarians recommend us for our superior accommodations and enriching lodging experience. Some of our special amenities include:

  • Accommodations for medical and special-needs cats
  • State-of-the-art climate control and air ventilation
  • UV air filtration systems
  • 24-hour security
  • Refrigerated and frozen meals are welcome

Cat Boarding Hours

Monday-Sunday: 6:30AM-7PM

Please feel free to drop off and pick up your pet any time during our regular business hours. We do recommend dropping off a bit before closing to give your pet time to settle in for the night. 


To keep all our feline friends safe and healthy, we require proof of vaccination for rabies and FVRCP.

Please do! It’s important to us that your furry friend feel comfortable and right at home, so feel free to bring one or two of their toys to help them get settled.

Finger Lakes Pet Resort is staffed by highly trained and passionate pet-lovers, and many of us have cats! Each of our team members carefully provides customized care to every kitty friend.

Absolutely. We have spacious accommodations so your cats can stay together.

We highly recommend bringing your cat’s usual food to keep them on the diet they’re used to, but if you forget to bring yours we do have Fromm brand pet food for $1 per meal.

We have plenty of fluffy, clean beds and blankets, but you’re welcome to bring your cat’s favorite bedding if you prefer.

Absolutely. We’re able to accommodate many special needs, including vision/hearing impaired, geriatric, medical needs, and many others. Please give us a call to discuss how we can accommodate your pet.

Yes, we can administer any oral or topical medication. We just ask that you please bring them in their original containers with clear written instructions.

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