Quality Dog Training

Finger Lakes Pet Resort’s dog training team use proven and positive techniques to reach your goals. Our customizable training programs are designed to produce the results you want, no matter your dog’s breed or age.

Quality Dog Training

Some extra stimulation and training for a well-rounded pup.  

One-on-One Training and Enrichment

Stay & Train Dog Training Programs

When it comes to training, dogs benefit most from consecutive, consistent lessons in a structured environment with short intervals between lessons. Our Stay & Train program is like a sleepover camp for dogs— their days are spent playing and having fun, but also learning a customized curriculum with one-on-one training sessions every day.

  • All the amenities of our award-winning overnight lodging, including a private suite and all the comforts of home
  • Daily play sessions with doggie friends or one-one-one with a caregiver.
  • Multiple training lessons every day based on your individual goals and challenges.
  • Take-home training resources and exercises.
  • Departure lessons with you to demonstrate your pet’s new skills and how to maintain them at home.

Play & Train Dog Training Programs

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could drop your pet off at Finger Lakes Pet Resort for a day of daycare AND training? We agree. While you’re working or running errands, our Play & Train program ensures your pup enjoys a day of fun and games, with individual training lessons between playtimes.

  • Group or personal playtimes in our 8-acre daycare yard.
  • Customized one-on-one training sessions between play.
  • Rest periods in our climate-controlled, deluxe canine suites with plenty of fresh water.
  • Discounted packages available.

What Will Your Dog Learn?

Stay & Train and Play & Train is the perfect environment to introduce or reinforce your dog’s critical obedience skills, home manners, and verbal cues, including:

  • Sit, stay and down
  • Leave it
  • Coming when called
  • Polite greetings
  • Good leash manners
  • And more—we’ll work with you on your specific goals!

What are the Benefits?

Our Stay & Train and Play & Train programs are specially designed to provide more benefits to you and your dog than other training options.

  • Repetition and consistency. Like humans, dogs learn more easily when their lessons are closer together and include consistency. Our Stay & Train and Play & Train programs are built for this purpose, especially when you choose longer stays or more frequent visits.
  • Multiple training staff members. With us, your pup will learn with multiple training professionals rather than just one trainer. This helps them separate the desired behaviors from the person giving the cues, so your dog will learn to respond to you and your family and not just the trainer.
  • Controlled training environment. Because Finger Lakes Pet Resort is a dedicated pet care facility, we have all the equipment and space needed for a comprehensive and varied training experience. We can control the levels of distractions, introduce new challenges, and explore indoor and outdoor training lessons to help your dog learn to use their new skills in many situations or settings.
  • Playtimes mean better focus. Like you and me, dogs sometimes need a break from learning or else they’ll get bored or lose focus. Our programs are structured so your dog enjoys playtime before and after training. This ensures they get to spend some energy and have fun before training time, resulting in better concentration and absorption of skills.
  • Convenient for you. Not only does Stay & Train or Play & Train lead to better training results overall, it’s also easier on the pet parent. Simply bring your pup to our resort and we’ll take care of the rest. If you’re going on vacation, Stay & Train ensures your pup has a collection of new skills to show off when you arrive. Busy at work? Just drop your dog off and go about your day, we’ll make sure they get all the playtime, exercise they need between training sessions.

Training Hours

Training hours vary to ensure our trainer is able to provide their full attention to the guests scheduled with us. Please contact us directly for up to date information on availability!


Proof of vaccination for rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella are required for training.

Yes, all breeds are welcome at Finger Lakes Pet Resort.

Of course! The impressionable first few months and years of a dog’s life are the best time to start training. We have special puppy training programs designed to get them started off strong.

Our programs specialize in obedience training, manners, impulse control, and everything else that makes a dog a perfect family companion. We’ve had remarkable success getting lasting results in dogs of all ages and breeds.

Yes, we’re able to work on most challenges—give us a call to find out how we can help.

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